Лауреаты конкурса Реккевега за лучший клинический случай

Все лауреаты с 2014 года

Лауреаты конкурса Реккевега за лучший клинический случай с 2014 года

Ниже перечислены все лауреаты конкурса Реккевега за лучший клинический случай применения многоцелевой терапии за прошлые года. Нажмите на год, чтобы узнать о лауреатах.

Пояснение: Звездочкой  (*) отмечен лауреат конкурса, занявший первое место.

Maklouf, Flávia C. S., Brazil: Keloid treatment with Traumeel® S intralesional injection: a case report*

Agudelo Suárez, Angela Natalia, Colombia: Bioregulatory medicine for lead poisoning in two Andean condors (Vultur gryphus), Santander-Cundinamarca-Colombia. Case report.

Tardov, Mikhail V., Boldin, Alexey V., Russia: Effective combined treatment of stomatogenic cochleovestibular syndrome: a case report.

Juan Carlos Builes Rodríguez, Colombia: Revascularization and Repair of Penile Mucosa with Vascular and Tissue Compromise of Canine Penis.*

Andrea Valero Carvajal, Colombia: Acne Management With Bioregulatory Medicine: A Clinical Approach From Detoxification And Drainage.

Tamar Mosulishvili, Georgia, and Nataliia Sydorova, Ukraine: Case-report of effective treatment of acute unilateral undifferentiated tinnitus with a bioregulatory medicine preparation.*

Nora Álvarez Upegui, Colombia: Therapeutic Success of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine in Varicose Ulcer. Multiple conventional treatments without clinical improvement.

Tina Decorte, Belgium: Case report of a traumatic rupture of the adductor muscle in a marathon runner: alternative treatment options with bioregulatory therapy.*

Liliana Consuegra Bazzani, Colombia: Tissue repair in facial post-traumatic injury in a patient with dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa under the bioregulatory systems medicine approach – clinical case.

Sergio Andrés Laasch Arbeláez, Colombia: Spinal cord injury by a sharp bladed weapon: Clinical recovery, with Bioregulatory Medicine, of a patient with areflexic paraplegia and loss of sphincter control.*

Hernán Villalón, Chile: Case Report: Successful treatment of Multisystemic MALT involvement in non-infectious inflammatory disease in children.

Hugo José Zuleta Angulo, Colombia: Bioregulatory Medicine through the Biopuncture: an excellent alternative for improving the functionality and life quality in patients with severe mixed chronic pain secondary to Failed Back Surgery Syndrome and with adverse effects to the chronic use of conventional medicines.*

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