Clinical Case Reporting
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When you have published your clinical case report, you can apply to the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award and have a chance to win a grant.
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Scientific case report writing in a nutshell
Learn the art of case report writing and publishing in 30 minutes in the SWIHM* case report writing course. Video and other resources will help develop your case reporting skills, whether you’re an inexperienced writer or experienced and just want to update your knowledge.
* Scientific Writing in Health and Medicine
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Create your clinical case manuscript with ease
Create a shareable case report manuscript with the support of the CARE-writer™.
This tool helps you succinctly capture your knowledge in a structured way
and provides tips and examples.
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Publish your clinical case report
Post your clinical case report on a preprint platform, or publish it in a medical peer-reviewed journal to receive a DOI.
Many preprint platforms will allow posting clinical case reports in different languages.
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The Reckeweg Clinical Case Award
for the Best Clinical Case Report in Multitarget Therapies
Do you have an interesting clinical case report describing patient treatment with a multitarget therapy?
Participate in the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award competition. Report your experience using multitarget therapy.
Find out more about the award

You can now apply for the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2024.

The deadline for eligible cases is Feb 28, 2024.

Clinical Case Reporting

With our free training course, writing tool, and the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award,
we encourage and support healthcare professionals to share their practical experience
as clinical cases to contribute to medical knowledge.

About clinical case reports

A clinical case report is a study of health events affecting an individual. It may present a medical challenge, interesting outcome, or experience with a new treatment. A well-written case report is useful in understanding a single case and offers readers detailed insights. When properly recorded and shared with other healthcare professionals, it may improve future decision making.

Importance of clinical case reports

Case reports don’t just convey new information. They may also generate hypotheses for future clinical studies, and are indispensable teaching tools. As a case report author, you add new knowledge to current medical evidence. Your findings and hypotheses may be reflected upon by other healthcare professionals, resulting in the discovery of novel treatments. Also, sharing medical knowledge can be a great learning experience and introduce you to academic writing.

About us

We’re a group of doctors, scientists, and publication professionals from industry and academia. We’re passionate about sharing personal clinical expertise and experiences within the medical community. All too often, learning opportunities from case reports are ignored in favour of large patient series and randomised controlled trials. To address this problem, we have developed a simple writing tool that enables clinicians to compile their reports quickly.

About the Clinical Case Award

Heel GmbH supports this initiative with the Reckeweg Award grant for the Best Clinical Case Report in Multitarget Therapies. If you’ve recently published or posted a clinical case about treatment with multitarget therapy, you can participate and be eligible to win a prestigious grant.

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Before you start writing the case

Choose an interesting case from your daily practice, and remember to ask for patient’s consent to write about and publish their case. Medical ethics require that such consent should be in written form and signed by both the healthcare professional and patient. If you’re interested in applying for the Reckeweg Award for the Best Clinical Case Report in Multitarget Therapies, check the conditions for entry and general rules. Here, you’ll also find all the necessary information for writing a high-quality clinical case manuscript.


Like any scientific study, a clinical case report should be ethical and comply with local and global data privacy regulations and scientific conduct guidelines. For a clinical case report, that means written patient consent should be obtained, all patient health data should be anonymised, and the text should follow the CARE (CAse REport) guidelines.
Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through all the things you need to know.

Step 1: Case report training

Was medical school a long time ago, and you need a refresher in scientific writing? Or You have never written a case report or need a refresher? in the form of a scientific manuscript? Learn the art of case report writing and publishing in the SWIHM case report writing course. Videos and other resources will help you write strong case reports, whether you’re an inexperienced writer or experienced but want to update your knowledge. Register and start the free 30-minutes video course.
If you’re already an expert in case report writing, you can skip the course and start writing your case report with the CARE-writer™.

Step 2: Write a case report

The CARE-writer™ is an online writing and formatting tool that helps you collect and summarise relevant data and create a shareable case report manuscript. The CARE-writer™ was developed in 2019 by the CARE Group, which includes academic and healthcare professionals around the world. They authored the CARE guidelines for writing clinical case reports are designed to support transparency and accuracy in case report publications. After completing your case report with the CARE-writer™, it will be ready to share with other healthcare professionals through posting as a preprint or publishing in the peer-reviewed medical journal. Once posted or published, it can be cited. And if you receive a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for your case report, it’s eligible for the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award.

Step 3: Publish your Clinical Case

Have you written a clinical case report manuscript following all ethical, data protection, and the CARE guidelines? Make it accessible for others by posting it on a preprint platform. Your manuscript will receive a DOI and you’ll be able to share it as a reference. The DOI of your case report is a requirement for applying to the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award competition.

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