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You can now apply for the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2024.

The deadline for eligible cases is Feb 28, 2024.

Heel GmbH

Heel is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in developing and manufacturing medicines made from natural ingredients. Its natural medicines are effective in the treatment of many diseases. With the help of cutting-edge research technologies, and practice-based and experimental clinical research, Heel is dedicated to finding out how these medicines work in the body. Heel’s goal is to develop therapies tailored to patients’ medical needs.

CARE Group

The CARE Group is the network of international experts who developed the CAse REport (CARE) guidelines. Accurate and transparent data collection from episodes of care informs the delivery of high-quality, individualised healthcare. They can provide early signals of what works, for which patients, and under which circumstances. The CARE guidelines were developed to bring a higher quality scientific standard as well as transparency to case reports, similar to the CONSORT guidelines for randomised controlled trials or the STROBE guidelines for observational studies. The CARE guidelines have been endorsed by multiple medical journals and publishers, and translated into more than ten languages.


Integrative Medicine Institute LLC d/b/a Scientific Writing in Health and Medicine (SWIHM) is part of the Integrative Medicine Institute (IMI), which was founded in 1993 to support systematic data collection in healthcare. SWIHM’s mission is to assist healthcare providers in creating and sharing case reports following the CARE guidelines.


The CARE-writer is an online tool developed by SWIHM to help authors oganize and format the information necessary to write systematic and transparent case reports following the CARE guidelines.

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