Reckeweg Award for the Best Clinical Case Report in Multitarget Therapies

About the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award

You can now apply for the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2024.

The deadline for eligible cases is Feb 28, 2024.

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The Reckeweg Award for the Best Clinical Case Report in Multitarget Therapies is an annual grant sponsored by Heel GmbH. Established as a research award in 1995, from 2014 it focuses on clinical case reports in the field of multitarget therapies in veterinary and human medicine.

With the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award, Heel acknowledges the everyday work of healthcare professionals providing the best care for their patients. The award encourages healthcare professionals to share their clinical experience in multitarget therapies through writing case reports.
Winners will receive a €5,000 grant and the possibility to present their case report at Heel headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Every day, clinicians assess new cases, follow up on existing cases, and prescribe treatments based on real-world patient outcomes. By doing so, they create a treasury of invaluable clinical experience that forms a foundation for medical education.

Cynthia Jackevicius, a professor of pharmacy practice at Western University of Health Sciences in California, makes the point in her 2018 publication, “The value of case reports”: “Who better than clinicians—who are the first to see how new therapies are being used and how patients respond to the new therapies—to share their valuable insights and experience in the medical literature through the use of case reports?”

Multitarget therapy targets multiple biochemical pathways and comprises either a single medication composed of several active compounds, or a combination of several individual medications. Multitarget therapies, such as individualised drug regimens, or fixed bioregulatory combinations, preferably with an excellent safety profile, are often used but underreported. From a health concept perspective these therapies have the potential to improve patients’ quality of life and deserve more attention from the medical community.

Each winner will receive a € 5,000 grant and the possibility to present their case report at the Heel headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany.

The Award ceremony will take place at the Heel headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg was born in 1905 in Herford, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He studied medicine under the supervision of Prof. Ferdinand Sauerbruch and Prof August Bier in Würzburg, Münster, Bonn, and Berlin. Reckeweg was a pioneer and creative thinker. As a physician, he initiated a new therapeutic approach that activates the self-regulating mechanisms of the body. He also developed new medicines based on natural ingredients to support self-restoring capacities.

Heel is an international pharmaceutical company specializing in natural medicines. With medical and scientific expertise Heel is committed to providing patients worldwide with effective and well tolerated therapeutic solutions.

What began over 80 years ago as a visionary idea has long since grown into a globally active manufacturer of medicines that millions of physicians, pharmacists and patients have come to rely on.

Worldwide, Heel stands for “Healthcare designed by nature”.

If you’re interested in participating in the competition, please visit “Get started”. There you will find all the information you need from choosing a clinical case to Award application.

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