How to write a case report

Clinical case report writing

You can now apply for the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2024.

The deadline for eligible cases is Feb 28, 2024.

Step 2: Case report writing

The CARE-writer™ online tool helps you create clinical case report manuscripts following the CARE guidelines, a standard for evidence-based case reports. With built-in explanatory information and examples of well-written text, it will support you step-by-step in writing your case report. The CARE-writer is provided to you by the CARE Group, which strives to support transparency and accuracy in case report publishing.

Case reports written with the CARE-writer are ready for sharing, posting, or publishing. 

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Improve patient care

A major advantage of case reporting is its ability to detect novelties. It’s the only way to present unusual, uncontrolled observations regarding symptoms, clinical findings, the disease course and associations, management complications, and drug side effects. Anything that is rare or has never been observed previously might be important for the medical community, and deserves to be published.

Contribute to medical knowledge

As outlined by Cynthia Jackevicius (2018), healthcare professionals need “to contribute to the literature through case reports so that we can gain practical insights into the process of translating evidence to the real-world setting.” Furthermore, “Many professional organizations that develop guidelines, such as the American Heart Association, give case reports a lower ranking (e.g., level C evidence category), similar to that of clinical opinion. However, an objectively written, well-structured case report may actually constitute stronger evidence than subjective opinion.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, case reports have proven to be a fast and informative source of knowledge about the disease’s characteristics and treatment options. Your case report may be valuable for a healthcare professional in another country.

Win the Reckeweg Award for the best case report

If you’ve written a case report that was published in a peer-reviewed medical journal or posted on a preprint platform, you can apply for the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award. With this award and a €5,000 grant, Heel GmbH honours the best clinical cases on multitarget therapies every year, to encourage healthcare professionals to share their clinical experiences.

How to write your clinical case report

The CARE-writer online tool was developed by SWIHM, which authored the CARE guidelines – today’s standard for systematic and transparent case report writing in medical research.

The CARE-writer helps you format and generate a high-quality case report easily. Equipped with help buttons and examples of well-written case reports, the CARE-writer supports you in creating your case report step-by-step. The tool is free of charge.

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