Clinical case reporting


You can now apply for the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award 2024.

The deadline for eligible cases is Feb 28, 2024.

Step 3: Case report publishing

Once you have completed writing your case report you can make it accessible for the clinical community by publishing it in a peer-reviewed medical journal or posting it on a preprint platform. Your manuscript will receive a DOI and you’ll be able to share it as a reference.

Become the first author of a compelling case report

To apply for the Reckeweg Clinical Case Award, you should post a case about treatment with multitarget therapy on the preprint platform or publish it in the peer-reviewed medical journal during the submission period. You should be the first author, and the case should come from your registered clinical practice. The clinical case can cover any aspect of human or veterinary medicine

A case report preprint is a scholarly article posted by one or more authors on an open access (free) preprint server, commonly (but not always) prior to publication of the case report in a scientific journal. Case report preprint servers provide clinicians with a platform to broadly share their work prior to submission to a peer-reviewed journal. The comments may come from readers world-wide, rather than the limited number of journal peer reviewers. Preprint servers provide features for readers to publicly comment or directly contact authors.

For editors with medical journals, preprint servers provide opportunities to review clinical outcomes and invite submission to a journal. Scientific journals may also simultaneously post articles that have been accepted to peer review on a preprint server while the article is undergoing peer review.

Available preprint platforms:

All these platforms require separate registration. Some universities have their own preprint platforms for their members.

Available peer-reviewed medical journals

Some publishers, for example Hindawi, have medical specialty journals dedicated to case reports, such as Case Reports in Orthopedics.

Advantages of publishing


Make your case study visible to others.


Get feedback from the community.


Share your knowledge to advance science.


Make your case study available for citation.

All cases must be thoroughly anonymized

As clinical case studies contain information about individuals, it is important for publication to anonymize all personal data. This not only protects the individual, but also complies with the law. More information on anonymization can be found on the page “Anonymization“.

Case report submitted?

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